Products Section Guide

How do I use the Products Section?

Our Products Section is a powerful method for quickly determining which product is right for you. All it takes is a few quick steps:

  1. Determine which product category meets your needs.
  2. Select a product to view detailed product information (You can also compare multiple products to see a side-by-side comparision of benefits).
  3. To figure out which plans match your unique travel requirements, you can use our Policy Picker tool.

How are the products organized?

Figure 2: Products returned from the Products Section are arranged in categories in the Category View.

Because shopping for travel insurance can be a confusing process, we've divided up our products into a few basic categories. These categories are displayed in the Category View in the upper-left portion of the Products Section (see Figure 2). To learn more about a particular category click on the category name in the Category View.

How do I learn more about a product?

Figure 3: The Product View gives you more information about each product.

Clicking on a product's name brings up more information about the product in the Product View (see figure 3). The Product View contains a short description about the product as well as helpful links to learn more, recieve a more detailed quote, or purchase the product online. You can quickly move through all products in a particular category by clicking on the "Previous Plan" and "Next Plan" links in the upper right of the Product View.

Can I compare products?

Figure 4: The Products Section provides a quick and easy way to compare products

You can compare the benefits of different products by checking the corresponding checkbox in the Category View and pressing the "Compare" button.

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