Patriot Platinum America Benefits

                               Not available to residents of European Union countries

This is only a summary of the benefits provided. Details of the full terms and conditions are included in the full policy wording.

Patriot Platinum AmericaSM  Medical Benefits
Usual, reasonable, and customary charges. Subject to deductible and coinsurance
Hospital Room and Board Up To Policy Maximum
Intensive Care Up to Policy Maximum
Medical Expenses Up to Policy Maximum
Outpatient Medical Expenses Up to Policy Maximum
Local Ambulance Up To Policy Maximum
Emergency Room Accident Up To Policy Maximum
Emergency Room Illness with in-patient admission Up To Policy Maximum
Emergency Room Illness without in-patient admission Up To Policy Maximum with additional $250 deductible
Dental - Injury due to accident Up To Policy Maximum
Dental - Sudden Dental Pain Up to $250
Hospital Daily Indemnity Up to $250
Supplemental Accident Up to $300

Patriot Platinum AmericaSM - International Emergency Care
When coordinated through the Plan Administrator
Emergency Medical Evacuation Up To Policy Maximum
Emergency Reunion Up to $100,000
Return of Mortal Remains Up to $100,000
Return of Minor Children Up to $100,000
Political Evacuation Up to $100,000
Natural Disaster $250 per day for five days
Remote Transportation $5,000 per certificate period
$20,000 lifetime maximum
Identity Theft Assistance Up to $500
Lost / Theft Up to $500
Felonious Assault Up to $10,000

Patriot Platinum AmericaSM - Additional Benefits
Sports and Leisure Activities Up To Policy Maximum
Sudden Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition
(U.S. Citizens only)
Up to $50,000
Incidental Home Country Coverage Up to to a cumulative two weeks
End of Trip Home Country Coverage One month for every four months of travel coverage, up to a maximum of three months
Trip Interruption Up to $10,000
Common Carrier Accidental Death $100,000 per adult, $25,000 per child,
maximum of $250,000 per family
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $50,000 principle sum


Patriot Platinum AmericaSM - Additional Riders

 Adventure Sports Rider
The Adventure Sports Rider is available for those up to the age of 65. The following activities are covered to the lifetime maximum amounts listed below as long as they are engaged solely for leisure, recreation, or entertainment purposes: abseiling, BMX, bobsledding, bungee jumping, canyoning, caving, hang gliding, heli-skiing, high diving, hot air ballooning, inline skating, jet skiing, jungle zip lining, kayaking, mountain biking, parachuting, paragliding, parascending, piloting a non-commercial aircraft, rappelling, rock climbing or mountaineering (ropes and guides to 4500m from ground level), scuba diving (to 50m), skydiving, snorkeling, snow boarding, snowmobiling, snow skiing, spelunking, surfing, trekking, whitewater rafting (to Class V), and wildlife safaris, and windsurfing.  All such activities must be carried out in strict accordance with the rules, regulations and guidelines of the applicable Governing Body or Authority of each such activity. Certain sports activities are never covered, regardless of whether or not you purchase the Adventure Sports Rider. Please see exclusion 8 in the exclusions page. Please note this is only a summary of Adventure Sports and exclusions. For additional information, please refer to the Certificate of Insurance.

Age Lifetime Maximum
0-49 $50,000
50-59 $30,000
60-64 $15,000

Citizenship Return Rider
When purchased at the time of application, the Citizenship Return Rider provides temporary medical coverage for non-U.S. citizens returning to their country of citizenship. For U.S. citizens, the rider provides up to 60 days of coverage for brief returns to the U.S. provided you have a current health plan in force and have resided outside the U.S. continuously for the past six months. Coverage for sudden recurrence of pre-existing conditions is excluded if the rider is selected.

Personal Liability Rider
Provides limited protection where Insured is responsible for Injury or personal property damage to a Third Party during coverage period. For injury to a third party, there is a $2,000 limit after a $100 deductible. For damage to third person property, there is a $500 limit after $100 deductible

Enhanced AD&D Rider
This optional coverage is available for the primary insured person only. This coverage is in addition to the Accidental Death and Dismemberment already included in the plans. This rider is available with a minimum purchase of three months of medical and AD&D rider coverage.

Evacuation Plus Rider
This optional rider is available to insureds up to age 65.  It provides coverage for sudden and unexpected medical evacuations for sudden and unexpected medical conditions that are non life-threatening, and where hospitalization is medically necessary. It also offers coverage for evacuations as a result of a natural disaster.  It also provides coverage for evacuations as a result of a natural disaster. This rider must be purchased for a minimum purchase of 3 months regardless of the minimum number of days being traveled.

Non Life-threatening Medical Evacuation Up to a maximum of $25,000
Natural Disaster Evacuation Up to a maximum of $5,000





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