High Risk Destinations Insurance

If you or your employees are traveling to war zones, working in dangerous countries and/or high risk remote regions, insurance policies are available to cover a full range of group or individual needs. Coverage is available for travel to war zones or high risk destinations including Afghanistan and Iraq.

In today's political and economic climate, acts of war and terrorism remain a constant threat and today many businesses, contractors, and professionals worldwide are finding their jobs require them to travel abroad to places experiencing war, terrorism, and political unrest.

We specialize in providing high risk insurance products for:
* Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance including War Zone and Terrorism
* Medical and Emergency Medical Evacuation including War Zone and Terrorism
* Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance
* Political Risk Insurance including Political Evacuation
* General Liability & Employers Liability
* Defense Base Act (DBA) Workers Compensation
* Disability Income Protection

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Diplomat America from Global Underwriters
The Diplomat America plan provides quality medical insurance for both U.S. Citizens living overseas and Non-U.S. Citizens visiting the United States. If you are looking for top quality medical insurance while you or a family member are visiting the U.S.A. you have found the right plan. There are 5 coverage options and 8 deductible options to choose from. Issue periods available from 15 days to 12 months.
Available to non U.S. residents including U.S .citizens living abroad.
Not Available to residents of European Union countries
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Global Accident Protection 24/7 with War Risk from Global Underwriters
Travel to war risk and high risk destinations can be a harrowing task. An accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy will help give you and your family peace of mind in the event of your death or disability. Global Accident Protection 24/7 is your best choice for accidental death & dismemberment coverage for war zone and high risk destinations.
Available for travel outside of your permanent home country
Not Available to residents of Australia or European Union countries
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High Limit Travel Accident Insurance from Global Underwriters
Single-trip or Annual Accident Insurance
(with optional War and Terrorism coverage)
Accident benefits from US$100K to US$20 Million. Choose 24-hour coverage, common carrier, or flight accident only.
Available to United States residents
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Business Travel Accident (BTA) from Global Underwriters
Many U.S. companies and corporations choose to minimize the potential liability they face when employees travel. To further their Duty Of Care strategy they purchase insurance that includes AD&D Benefits, Medical Coverage (Domestic & International), Med-E-Vac Coverage, and Medical Repatriation. Optional War Zone and Political Evacuation Coverage is also available. Premiums are paid by the employer, but benefits are paid directly to employees or their beneficiaries. Premiums are calculated by the number of employees, estimated number of travel days per year per class of employee, and benefits desired.
Available to U.S. based companies.
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Kidnap and Ransom Insurance from Global Underwriters
Kidnap and extortion are very real and growing threats throughout the world. While the most vulnerable companies to kidnapping are those that have employees based or travelling overseas, organizations that have high profiles, handle large amounts of cash, or work with sensitive information are also at risk. Companies need to prepare for these threats. Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance not only protects against financial loss, but also provides the services of leading crisis management and security consultants to manage incidents in conjunction with the policyholder.
Available to United States residents
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Defense Base Act Insurance from Insuractive
Workers compensation for contractors is mandatory under the U.S. Defense Base Act (DBA) of 1941. This coverage applies to both U.S. workers and any foreign subcontractors who are not covered under their own country''s workers compensation laws. The U.S. Government requires that employees hired by contractors and subcontractors to work on international government contracts be protected by Defense Base Act (DBA) coverage, regardless of their assignment and/or location.
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Compare these High Risk Destinations Insurance
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Frequently Asked Questions
We have contracted employees in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait Can we obtain life, health, and AD&D insurance for them that will include coverage for war?

Yes. War Risk Riders are available for Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Health Insurance, Disability, K&R, and Life Insurance policies.

We send employees to Iraq and Afghanistan for various periods of time. Some for one month, others up to one year. Can you provide us Accidental Death Insurance with the war risk rider and bill us according to our monthly roster?
Yes. We can accomodate employees rotating on and off your monthly rosters and adjust the billing accordingly.

What is the cost for Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance?
DBA insurance costs are calculated by your company's annual payroll for the employees working overseas. Minimum premium (for even one employee) for non-War Risk DBA is $6,000 and for most Middle East War Risk Countries it is $9,000.

What countries are considered War Risk Area 1 countries?
Risk Area 1.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel (West Bank & Gaza Strip), Iran, Somalia, Chechnya, North Korea, Palestinian Territories, Yemen.

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