Annual Membership Cost

Annual Membership Fee
Maximum Trip Length Individual Family
Level One (up to 90 consecutive days) US$270 US$395
Level Two (up to180 consecutive days) US$430 US$545
Level Three (up to 365 consecutive days) US$665 US$985


Annual membership covers US, Canada, and Mexico residents traveling more than 150 miles from home for multiple trips throughout the year up to 90 days.

Short-Term Program Membership Fee
Maximum Length of Stay Individual Family
8 - Day Travel Protection US$99 US$195
15 - Day Travel Protection US$125 US$245
21 - Day Travel Protection US$180 US$325
30 - Day Travel Protection US$240 US$385

Short-term programs are for residents of the United States, Canada and Mexico up to age 75. Protection provided 24 hours a day during the selected travel period.

Annual Domestic Membership Fee

Offering Protection for Travel within the Contiguous 48 States

Individual Family
Annual Domestic Membership  US$185 US$315

To enroll in the Domestic Membership program, you must call 1-866-979-6753

The MedjetAssist Domestic Membership is tailored to travelers up to the age of 75 traveling within the continental United States. With annual membership rates of $175 for individuals and $305 for families, members can travel with the peace of mind knowing if they are hospitalized anywhere in the contiguous 48 states more than 150 miles from home, MedjetAssist will evacuate them by medically equipped and staffed aircraft back to their hospital of choice within the continental United States at no additional cost.

Expatriate Membership Fee
Maximum Length of Stay Individual Family
Expat180 (up to180 consecutive days) US$430 US$545
Expat365 (up to 365 consecutive days) US$665 US$985


Expatriate Memberships: Memberships are available for US, Canadian, and Mexico residents living for extended periods in other countries. Fees are based on the amount of uninterrupted time spent outside the US, Canada, and Mexico respectively.

Applicants age 75 - 85: MedjetAssist Diamond Plan Membership is available.
Click here for pdf application. Complete and submit via fax for approval. 

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