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Your Ticket Home in a Medical Crisis

MedjetAssist is a domestic and global air medical transport membership program in the U.S. If a Medjet member becomes hospitalized more than 150 miles from home and meets transport criteria, Medjet will arrange medical transport to the hospital of their choice within their home country at no additional cost. All the member pays is their membership fee.

About 75 percent of such flights are made aboard private air ambulances. The rest are aboard commercial flights in premium seats with medical attendants along.

Most Medjet customers select annual memberships, which begin at $270 for an individual and $395 for a family.

But short-term memberships are also available from $99 and are a popular choice for parents who are concerned about children traveling on spring break and the like.

“Everybody knows somebody who’s had an incident traveling, you think it won’t happen to you, and it probably won’t.

With'll have peace of mind.

Residency: US, Canada, and Mexico Residents or Expatriates
Travel periods listed (90, 180, 365) are for consecutive days of travel outside of your home country.
Ages: 0-74
Ages: 75 - 85  click here for application

Annual Membership



Annual Membership

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