Rental Car Damage Protector

Collision, loss or damage

When it applies: 
A car you’re renting is stolen or is damaged in an accident or while it’s left unattended.

Specific requirements
1. The driver is listed on the rental car agreement.
2. You file a report with the rental car company, either within 24 hours of the loss or damage or when you return the rental car (whichever comes first).

What it covers:
Please refer to your letter of confirmation to confirm your coverage and limits in your plan.

Repair or replacement
The cost to repair or replace the car (whichever is less)
1. repair costs include only reasonable and customary costs to repair physical damage to the car and reasonable loss of use fees the rental car company charges whiles it's being repaired.  
2. replacement cost is the cars current market value.

Please note these specific exclusions:
1. Lease or rentals for 45 consecutive days or longer
2. Cars rented in or driven through Israel, Jamaica, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, or jurisdictions where the law doesn't allow this coverage. 

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Citizenship: All Nationalities
Residency: United States
Maximum Trip Length: 44 Days
Destinations: U.S. or International

Rental Car Damage Protector



Rental Car Damage Protector

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