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MedjetAssist is an annual membership program that provides members with arrangement of air-medical transport services worldwide when they are hospitalized on an inpatient basis. MedjetAssist does not ask medical questions for enrollment (up to age 75), there are no copays or deductibles, and virtually no pre-existing conditions exclusions.


MedjetAssist is not travel insurance.

Standard travel insurance is multi-benefit coverage for lost baggage, cancellations, delays, and medical expenses. When there is a medical transport, the benefit is almost always limited to the "nearest adequate facility" and to a dollar amount (typically US$100,000). This coverage cannot be activated without a determination of "medical necessity" - that's when a case manager must determine if the care provided in a particular location is "adequate." Medjet membership requires no medical necessity. This means members hospitalized as inpatients can choose to be transported to the hospital of their choice, even if the facility they are in is considered "adequate".

Home Hospital
Medjet will arrange air-medical transport services for members to their home hospital or the hospital of their choice in their home country. Most assistance providers restrict transports to the nearest hospital that provides "appropriate care". This means individuals are taken to a hospital the shortest distance away that has adequate care, but not necessarily the best care. Medjet members, if hospitalized, do not have to worry about being transported to a nearby hospital in a foreign country that has only "adequate" medical care. Members chose if they want to fly home to their local hospital or the hospital of their choice in their home country to receive the very best care and to be near their family.

No Cost Limits
MedjetAssist does not limit the cost of a medical transport. Other companies and insurance plans place caps – often as low as US$20,000 – on the total amount available for an air ambulance. But a medical transport between Europe and North America can run more than US$35,000. Middle East and South American flights to North America range from US$60,000 to US$80,000. Transport from Asia to North America often exceeds US$100,000.

Domestic Transports
If MedjetAssist members are injured or become sick and are hospitalized while traveling in North America or abroad, MedjetAssist will bring them to their home hospital or the hospital of their choice in their home country.

MedjetAssist membership makes sense for just about any traveler. Whether you take frequent family or business trips or you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip overseas, your MedjetAssist membership may be the most valuable thing you take with you.

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