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Cancel for Work Reason Upgrade
(Cost $24 Per Person - Applies to all travelers)
Covers up to 100% of trip cost.
Provides Trip Cancellation and Interruption for business-related reasons.
  • Must be purchased within 21 days of your initial trip deposit.
  • Not available to residents of the state of Washington who will be traveling more than 90 days.
    Medical and Evacuation Coverage Upgrade
    (Per Person - Applies to all travelers)
    Add the following additional benefits:
  • Medical and evacuation limits double; deductible is waived.
  • Medical - Additional $50,000 / Evacuation - Additional $500,000
    Accidental Death and Dismemberment Upgrade   
  • ($15.00 Per Person / $15K AD&D 24 Hour)
  • ($9 Per Person / $50K AD&D - Air Only)
  • ($24 Per Person / 24 Hour & Air AD&D)
    Rental Car Collision Insurance Upgrade (Not Available to Residents of Texas)
    $50,000 maximum benefit / $9 per day
    Please include rental vehicle coverage for the following dates:
    Coverage Start Date   
    Coverage End Date   
    Baggage and Personal Effects (Including Sports Equipment) - Delayed, Lost, Stolen or Damaged - Upgrade
    ($25 Per Person - Applies to all travelers) Primary Coverage
  • Baggage delay decreased to 6 hours
  • Business Equipment is included

    Citizenship: All Nationalities
    Residency: United States (must be a US citizen or permanent resident)
    Ages: All Ages
    Max Trip Length: 180 days 

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