A special message from Dan Drennen, Director of TravelInsuranceCenter.comSM

TravelInsuranceCenter.comSM is a consumer oriented online travel insurance comparison web site and business operated by Senior Market Sales, Inc.(SMS) for the sale of travel insurance, international health insurance, travel accident insurance, and other travel related products. Along with our sister website TravelInsuranceIsrael.comSM we are dedicated to providing a convenient and secure environment for consumers to research, compare, and purchase travel insurance from the top industry providers. Senior Market Sales is a national insurance marketing company established in 1982 that provides a broad range of insurance products to insurance intermediaries and consumers.

Our US Office is located at:

8420 W. Dodge Road, Suite 501
Omaha, NE 68114 USA

Our Israel Office is located at:

20/7 Yehuda Hamacabi Street
Efrat 90435 Israel

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