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Safe Travels USA Comprehensive
From Trawick-International

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Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan provides accident and sickness medical coverage with Acute Onset of Medical Conditions to Non-US citizens who reside outside the USA and are traveling outside of their Home Country while visiting the United States or to the United States and Worldwide. Covered en-route to USA, while in the USA, and in countries while on the way to the USA or the way home as well as countries on the itinerary. Coverage can initially be purchased for a minimum of five (5) days up to a maximum of 364 days. If a minimum of 5 days is purchased, the coverage may be extended, at the rates in force at the time of extension, for up to 24 consecutive months. This a brief description of the important features of the plan. This plan includes both insurance and non-insurance benefits. The Policy contains a complete description of all of the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the insurance plan as underwritten by The Company. COVID-19 EXPENSES are covered and treated as any other sickness AND LISTED IN THE POLICY. This is also stated on the VISA letter you receive with the order.
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